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Aging Athlete Special Collection

You might have heard  me talk about these key supplements.  

Digestive/Probiotic Support:

Athletes require ample vitamin and mineral absorption. This is why I recommend Acidophilus and Super Enzymes. Poor digestion, leaky gut, and a host of modern diet related woes decrease our ability to absorb nutrients.  For the aging athlete combating this must be key.

Muscle Building/Support/Recovery:

An older athlete needs to focus on building and maintaining muscle mass and flexibility.  Creatine Monohydrate is my "Go To" muscle recovery product.  Rather than use huge doses which body builders frequently use, I often recommend 2-3 after or before major workouts to boost recovery.  Clinically athletes notice less soreness, stiffness, and better recovery after this dosing. (Taken with 8 ounces water or coconut water).

Inflammation Reduction

From heart disease to autoimmune disorders, inflammation is the common pathway of aging and disease.  Exercise generates a need to repair and hence...inflammation.  There are numerous ways to address inflammation, I prefer to start with Fermented Cod Liver Oil.  This high quality fish oil has numerous benefits besides anti-inflammatory effects. Omega 3 oils and Vitamin D, found in large concentrations in this product have huge benefits to the athlete, those with arthritis, or inflammatory issues.  It's a great cornerstone to any health supplement regimen....besides its benefits for the aging athlete.